Ragged View Farm  
Maple Syrup  
 As the days get longer in early February, "Sugar Fever" sets in. It’s a busy time from late February through early to mid April, but our own sweet syrup makes it worthwhile. 

For the last 10 years Eric Johnson and I , along with a revolving/evolving cast of chracters, have set about 125 taps here & another 200-1300 in several different nearby places. We then boil down the sap into syrup at Tucker Mountain Maple, Eric’s sugarhouse at 224 Tucker Mountain Road in East Andover.

In the Fall of 2013 we started construction of a Sugar House here at Ragged View Farm and will be boiling here when the time is right.

Visitors are welcome the 4th  weekend of March during the NH Maple Producers Maple Weekend open house or whenever we are boiling, give us a call.



Eric & Mark

Maple Weekend Open House

Spring '07


Trying to explain the intersection of science, art & magic that is"sugarmaking".

Terry & Mark, Spring '08



Bob tapping below the house, 2013. The frame of the new sugar house is in the background.

March 30, 2013. Warm enough in the sugar house to hang up the vests.