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About Ragged View Farm  


Ragged View Farm is a diversified farm on 18 acres located in Andover, NH, looking out to Ragged Mountain to the North. Mark Cowdrey & Lea LaFave have been reclaiming the place from the brush & scrub since 1999.

Our endeavors currently include keeping sows,  selling pork & piglets, making our own hay, and running about 125 maple taps here in the Spring to make maple syrup. As our pastures and hayfields improve we are slowly shifting more towards cattle rather than pigs, as the cattle can be raised on our own grass and hay while the pigs consume bought-in feed.We currently have two Dexter and Dexter cros breeding heifers and 2 young meat animals.

Our Suffolk draft horses are used mowing hay, getting out firewood for the house, for sugaring and a few cords for sale. They also drag and harrow fields, pastures and the garden, get out sawlogs as needed, do an ocasional small logging job off farm and give Sleigh rides, allowing folks a chance to see the farm in Winter.

We stay  busy with these efforts, growing our family garden, and keeping the woodshed filled. These labors are their own rewards, however, providing contact with the earth & the seasons and a community of involved and interested people. The whole experience sustains us intellectually & emotionally.

Our Goals:

We try in our small way to contribute to the sustainability of our world & especially our local community. Maintaining farm land in active production, even in areas as small as a family garden, is of paramount importance to our society in this uncertain age, and is the best “Homeland Security” that money & effort can buy. The more we come to rely on advanced electronic communication & global trade, the quicker & more completely our lives can be disrupted in very short order. We strive to make what physical contributions we can to local food production & capacity and to maintain & advance the use of draft horses for motive power. By doing so, we hope to set an example that inspires others to do likewise.

Ragged Mountain View
View of Ragged Mountian

Luke - Friend, Rascal & Helper

Misty & Virgil, Summer 2005

Whoopie, our "foundation" sow

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson