Ragged View Farm  
Price List  

Processed by The Local Butcher

Barnstead, N.H.

USDA Inspected 

Vacuum Packed and Frozen

Chops and Southern (Country) Style Ribs $8.50/lb.

"Not Too Hot" Italian Sausage Links


Sweet Italian Sausage Links

 Breakfast Sausage - 1 Lb. packs

Nitrate -Free Maple Cured & Smoked Bacon

(the "Gateway" Meat!)

Smoked Ham - halves 4-6 lbs


Grass Fed & Finished Beef


Processed by The Local Butcher

Barnstead, N.H.

USDA Inspected 

All Cuts are Vaccuum Packed and Frozen

Ground Beef - approx. 1 pound packs $8.50/lb
                                    Buy Five  packs


Stew Meat - approx. 1 pound packs (Sold Out)
Chuck Steaks $9/lb.
Sirloin & Round Steaks $12/lb.

Premium Steaks -

T-bone, Porterhouse,  Strip and Rib

Sorry,  SOLD OUT



Ragged View Farm Maple Syrup

NO Vacuum

NO Reverse Osmosis

NO Filter Press

All in Glass

Quarts & Pints are packed in Mason style jars  

Half Pint


Sleigh Rides for the 2015-2016 Winter. 

Daylight rides are $100 for the sleigh, regardless of party size. The sleigh can comfortably hold about 8 average size adults. Larger parties can be split in two for two rides.

If your family honestly cannot afford the price of a Sleigh Ride, we are open to giving a reduced rate ride at a non-busy time. We want children to have a chance to experience the farm!

On the other hand, if your family feels that our rates do not capture the true value of a

New Hampshire Seigh Ride Experience, feel free to tip!